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Summary - We are still looking for a new location.

As a small business, we understand the need for transparency with our retail family.

The building which has served us for over 50 years has been sold. The new owners are not retaining the tenants and the Art & Frames Unlimited units are slated first for repurposing. With the inevitable eviction notice soon on the horizon, we must plan for the next stage.

We got confirmation that we definitely have to move at the beginning of November, and with all the holidays and travel and Covid precautions, it has been difficult to coordinate with realtors and brokers to visit potential locations and start negotiations. We are hopeful that in January, with everyone back in the office, we will make signifiant progress on that front.

We are still taking framing orders, but in light of all the uncertainty surrounding the impending move, we are not taking any orders that require us to order new materials. We still have quite a selection of matboard and glass, and we have stock frames in pre-made sizes. There is a small selection of custom length remaining that we are happy to build from, but many of these styles are discontinued or limited in quantity.

We have a selection of heavily discounted stock at the moment. There are a variety of table frames from the now-defunct Dennis Daniels company, as well as a handful of gently used larger frames. All the regular stock items are now 40% off, instead of the usual 30%. We are doing a clearance sale on the remaining Bainbridge matboard, as we are switching vendors in the new location.